..........The 2009 Regional Foster Care Conference was an initiative of the Foundation Judiciary Institutes Windward Islands, responsible for foster care and child protection on St. Maarten.

..........The conference was themed ĎA Family for Every Child', a reflection of article 20 of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child, which states that every child has the right to a family, care and a proper upbringing, and that a child temporarily or permanently deprived of his or her family environment, or in whose best interest cannot be allowed to remain in that environment, shall be entitled to special protection and assistance provided by the State.

Regional Foster Care Conference 2009-DAY I

Regional Foster Care Conference 2009-DAY II

Regional Foster Care Conference 2009-DAY II

Conference objectives:

•  To create awareness, understanding, and empathy for foster care.

•  To discuss the value of foster care in our communities.

•  To provide a forum for foster care professionals and stakeholders in the region, to meet, learn, exchange views, and evaluate foster care practices.

•  To provide opportunities for critical reflection of personal practice and ideology.

•  To impart local and regional workplace ideas and practices supporting foster care.

•  To put foster care on the agenda of the government and policy makers.

•  To advocate for policy and legislative frame work on Foster Care in the Region

•  To promote cooperation and networking between the different institutions operative in the field of relief and guidance of children in the region.

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