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.......... The conference was organized against the background that an increasing number of children in the Netherlands Antilles and our region grow up without parental care. Hundreds of children in our foster care system require temporary out-of-home care, because of parental inability, neglect, abuse, abandonment or exploitation.

.......... A large percentage consists of children of a foreign nationality, most of them originating from islands within our region. Some of these children are without legal residency. Others are left behind voluntarily or involuntarily by their parents.

Out-of-home care is intended to protect these children who cannot safely remain with their families. Some are removed from their parents and made dependents of the court. A small number are placed under juvenile probation or live with legal guardians. Some are voluntarily placed in residential care by their parents.


Every effort should be made to make foster care a positive experience and a healing process for the child. Threats to a child's development from abuse, neglect or abandonment should be recognized and understood by all participants in the child welfare system. Placements out-of-home can be a disruptive experience in the live of these children and has shown to be a costly alternative for our communities.

There are better and proven ways to go about this problem: Placement in a Foster Family! Foster families provide a safe and secure home environment that allows these children to build on their strengths and develop important life skills. Foster parents provide for the child's educational, health, cultural, and social needs. They are entrusted with the health, safety, and

welfare of abused, neglected, and exploited children. They are key members of a team that helps children and their biological families work through challenges so they can be reunited. Foster parents work closely with birth families and Foster Care agencies to secure the future of the child, ideally back at home. When family reunification is not possible, foster parents may adopt the child or ease transition to a permanent new home.

Foster Care however requires preparations by involved Foster Care agencies as well as a structural collaboration of all parties involved to ensure the objectives of the placement are met. In some cases cooperation with Foster Care institutes and agencies on different islands and countries is a necessity, but has proven to be almost impossible without an existing network and collaboration agreements on a regional level. The key to minimize foster care cases, to optimize foster care service and to achieve our goal, we believe is an integral approach of Foster Care in the region.


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